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The Scan-Thor
logo – “the green
Scandinavian tree

– is not only a symbol
of growth, diversification
and strength but also
a symbol of our commitment
to preserve, renew
and maintain
the environment.

Established in Poland since 1994...

Scan-Thor Group Poland is a buying office within the Scan-Thor Group and a trusted partner to the OTTO Group. Our history of operating in the Polish market started in 1994 when OTTO International Poland was founded.

1996: OTTO International Poland becomes a joint venture between OTTO International and the Scan-Thor Group

2006: OTTO International withdraws from the buying office in Poland and the Scan-Thor Group Poland is founded

2014: Scan-Thor Group Poland enters into a joint venture with Hermes OTTO International

The business areas of Scan-Thor Group Poland
are sourcing, product development,
quality management development
and quality control services.



We specialise in sourcing products within furniture, home textiles, fashion and footware in the Polish market. As a local buying office we combine market expertise and a close proximity to a well established supplier network. With a solid track record of sourcing for leading international retailers, we know what it takes to successfully serve both online and offline businesses.

Product developement

We partner with our clients to create tomorrow’s leading design concepts. From idea creation to final product, we apply our international market know-how to develop competitive products the are right for your brand.

Quality MANAGEMENT developement

Throughout our supplier network we work with producers to develop, implement and improve their quality management systems. To deliver on our quality promise to our clients we ensure that our suppliers have the right practises and systems in place. In line with our commitment to preserve the environment, we focus on working with FSC® certified suppliers and encourage FSC® compliance across our supplier base.

Quality control services

Our commitment to top quality is at the heart of what we do. For all our clients we perform daily quality control inspections of in-line and final products. We employ a skilled team of local quality controllers that work to ensure that your products live up to the expectations of your customers.

We are responsible for providing our customers and the market with outstanding products and independent concepts.



Facility Quality Audit
We audit all our suppliers to ensure that they live up to the standards for production of designated goods in the European Union.
Quality of Materials
We continuously conduct inspections and testing of raw materials. Before a new product enters into production we test and approve materials to ensure good quality.
In-line Quality Inspections
Our quality control team conducts in-line inspections to control that products fall within the acceptable quality levels at each stage of the production process.
Final Quality Inspections
In addition to inspections carried out by our suppliers, we conduct final random inspections of finished products before shipment.

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